Inspired by the Norwegian nature and lifestyle

Imaging yourself standing on a mountain top overlooking the vast, untouched nature scheme. You see valleys, rivers and clear water brooks. The only thing you hear is your heart beat. Your smile is visible all the way down to the endless fjords, where beautiful peaks connect with the wild sea.
You're at peace - in the heart of the Norwegian nature - breathing the cleanest air imaginable.

Sustainable products

Whether we design, manufacture or go to market, we always keep our strong heritage top of mind.
By this we are able to deliver durable, functional and well designed products to support your lifestyle 360˚

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Sustainability Matters

Pure Norway is a sustainable Norwegian brand inspired by the Norwegian nature and lifestyle. In order to protect the environment from unhealthy  pollutants and plastic waste, we contribute by producing sustainable products that will last over time.

All our products are based on the values of Pure Norway – We care

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